Main floor Makeover: pendant Predicament

Nov 17, 2022 category

As you may have read in my previous blog post, we’re giving our open-concept main floor a bit of a facelift. part of that process involves a new pendant light over the dining table. It’s definitely a focal point on the main floor — it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, and it’s visible from both the kitchen and living room. Here’s the old fixture:

We’re looking for something a little less sparkly and more sophisticated, but still dramatic enough to command attention in such a long space. here are a few we’ve been tossing up:

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love the look of a round pendant, and this one from West Elm would look great with our grey accents.

However, I like this edgier metal version from Restoration Hardware. It’s dramatic and industrial-looking, but not too trendy that we’ll tire of it.

We also think a longer rectangular pendant would suit the long, open-concept space. This boxy version from Restoration Hardware also comes in a grey linen.

Edison-style filament bulbs are right on trend, but do we think they’re timeless? I’m undecided.

These double-shade pendants are both industrial and long. I love the pulley system on this one from Restoration Hardware.

Another popular version from Restoration Hardware.

This one from Union lighting has simple brushed stainless shades that I think would suit our space perfectly.

I’m not sure we would go with something this black, but these caged pendants would add an industrial element when set against our nature-inspired wallpaper (more on that later). You can adjust the length of each cord, too.

Again, I love the black, but it may be too much of a contrast against all the white. but these three pendants with shiny gold interiors have me dreaming of gold accents like this oven hood from Dwell.

These metal pendants have unique shapes and curves, but the black may be too black.

These oversized half-chrome bulbs are quirky and whimsical, but at $28 each, they really up the price of the actual light fixture. This was definitely our favourite statement piece though.

A more subtle pendant from CB2 would fill the space lengthwise, but we were thinking filament bulbs would jazz it up a bit more, since it’s quite simple as is. ما رأيك؟

And lastly, you can’t go wrong with a brushed metal factory-inspired pendant. this one from CB2 has that worn grey finish we always gravitate towards.

ما رأيك؟ اي نصيحه؟ stay tuned for my next posts to see which one we went with.

Photo credits:1-2. Gwen McAuley3. short Drum Pendant, West Elm4. Antiqued metal Drum Pendant, Restoration Hardware5. Rectangular shade Pendant, Restoration Hardware6. Filament Chandelier, Restoration Hardware7. industrial Pulley double Pendant, Restoration Hardware8. Clemson double Pendant, Restoration Hardware9. From Union Lighting, photo by Gwen McAuley10. From Morba, photo by Gwen McAuley11. From modern furniture Knockoff, photo by Gwen McAuley 12. From royal Lighting, photo by Gwen McAuley13. From Morba, photo by Gwen McAuley14. Firefly pendant Lamp, CB215. victory pendant Lamp, CB2

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